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Japanese food specialty store that is particular about additive-free

"Sandaime Tawaraya Genbei", the first overseas rice specialty store that was born here in Hong Kong in 2009.After that, we opened stores in Singapore, Taiwan, Hawaii, New York, and Vietnam, and have been patronized by many individual customers and restaurants who are particular about food all over the world.

While offering delicious freshly-polished Japanese rice, people often say, "I want side dishes and seasonings that go well with delicious Japanese rice!", Japanese ingredients that have been collected for many years to respond to that voice are now very popular all over the world. From Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south, we have been handling delicious rice from all over Japan. Of course, all of them are completely additive-free so that you can enjoy them with confidence.

This is the birth of "the rice factory HONG KONG", a select shop for additive-free foods, mainly rice.

Please enjoy the safe and secure taste of Japan!